Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Neatorama Link

Neatorama is one of my favorite sites to browse every day. I'm sometimes inspired to post about things related to what I see there. A few weeks ago I posted about optical album art w/ hidden messages, so I emailed Alex from Neatorama, figuring his other readers would find it just as interesting as I did.

He was nice enough to link directly to the post & my website. I usually have about 80 people visit my site a day. This blog has been for my own amusement & mental release more than anything, so the fact that anyone was reading it at all is pretty cool to me.

Today, however, thanks to the apparent legion of Neatorama readers, I've had over 50,000 visitors view the post he linked to. That's more than double the total number of visitors to The Monkey Buddha since I started recording my thoughts here, 3 years ago. If I had that many readers every day I would probably write material that was completely outrageous & mind blowing - instead of my currently just mildly crazy & semi-enlightening posts.
: )

If anyone who visited that post actually ends up coming back & reading this, I guess I'd suggest
• perusing the links down the right side of the page,
• typing random topics into the search box at the very top,
• or clicking the categories at the end of each post.

I have three years worth of "Monkey Buddhism" that can be explored.

The only other thing I would have to mention to new visitors to this site would be to check out the award-winning strategy board game I created - "Da Vinci's Challenge". It is the yin to chess's yang & in my humble opinion it is one of the greatest games ever created. It's one of the rare creations that has the potential to survive the ages.


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Ace said...

Its not Neatorama you fool. its because your post made it to reditt front page.