Sunday, May 11, 2008


No, "Spooky" is not a description of the above picture I came across online - it is the name of the Halloween clown persona of "Willace", a Florida-based clown. This multi-tasking entertainer has a half dozen characters. I definitely have to give him credit for his diversity. Be sure to go to the "Fun & Games Page" to see the super-accurate drawing of Willace next to the Word Find.

The description of the Spooky character reads:

"Spooky Does Halloween Parties, Children's Haunted houses.
He Face Paints Halloween Themes &
Does Halloween Theme Balloon Art.

Spooky Will Come to Visit your Children
with a Trick or treat bag with his supplies
to make your child's Halloween Happy & Safe."

The reassuring note after this description is a valiant attempt to separate himself from the legions of diabolical trauma-inducing clowns out there:

(Note: Spooky will not accept any jobs
that require scaring people!!
We do not like to leave mental Scars)

Like many people, I have a conflicting dual outlook on clowns.
• On one hand, it is nice that people want to entertain and make other people laugh. Trying to bring joy to the world is truly a noble effort.
• On the other hand, despite all attempts at keeping an open mind, the typical adult will find that picture kind of creepy. (Sorry Spooky.)

Unfortunately, John Wayne Gacy did for clowns what Hitler did for the square mustache.

There was just no way I couldn't post about this versatile clown/hobo/santa/comic doctor, especially after seeing the "Willace the Clown" thong on his Cafepress shop.

I simply can't imagine the special girl who would want "Willace" in her intimate area...

Go Willace!!!

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