Monday, June 09, 2008

The Case for Impeachment

Well I happened to flip to CSPAN to see one of America's greatest progressive patriots, Dennis Kucinich.

He has a huge set of balls, despite his diminutive physical presence. Right now he is on Article 28 of 35 Articles of Impeachment against The War Monkey himself, George W. Bush.

Crooks & Liars:
Rep. Dennis Kucinich Introduces
35 Articles of Impeachment

I turned it on around Article 15. He's basically going through the laundry list of crimes & offenses committed by Bush, Inc. against the people of our country and around the world. The only reason I need is that 'Dubya' is an incompetent, dangerous fool.

Kucinich has already introduced impeachment against the Beastmaster Dick Cheney. Bush & Cheney are universally agreed to be a blight on American history. Kucinich is strong enough to stand up to these two gangsters and make sure history remembers them for what they are.

This action, even if nothing comes of it, at leasts shows the extent of the Bush Administration's arrogant disregard for the law on the official record. I'm interested to see what the newly-appointed nominee Barack Obama has to say about the idea of impeachment, which has been said by other Democratic leaders to be "off the table".

All I know is that listening to the reading of all these Articles have burned the following words into my mind:

President George W. Bush,
by such conduct
is guilty
of an impeachable offense
warranting removal from office."

To me, it's like a haiku,
containing deep meaning,
but in a simple form that even an idiot can appreciate.

The idea of impeachment also brings up a nightmare scenario.
Like cornered animals, it's always possible that Bush & Cheney
will use extreme measures, overt or subtle
to remain in office and exercise the unconstitutional powers
that Rep. Kucinich is petitioning against.

That would suck.

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