Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hanuman Idol for Obama

It looks like Barack Obama is going to receive a 'Monkey Buddha' of his very own.

Browsing, I saw that some devotees of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman claim they saw a Time magazine article in which Obama talks about carrying a "monkey king charm" for good luck. I couldn't find this article in a quick Google search. Regardless, a group of Indian well-wishers are giving Sen. Obama a brass Hanuman statue to bless his campaign.

You can never go wrong with some extra Monkey Buddha power.

It's kind of interesting how the context of the image of the monkey can be regarded as racist (or not) in this country. If Barack is associated with a monkey sock puppet, it is (rightly) considered at least a little offensive. Presenting him with an ancient image of a Hindu monkey deity, though, is culturally acceptable.

Even worse than the sock puppet was the lazy & legally risky combination of a unaltered picture of Curious George with Obama's name. Fortunately, if you're an uncreative racist dope, you're probably not smart enough to avoid being sued out of business.