Monday, June 16, 2008

Cool As Ice

Where do I start with this?

Let me say that Vanilla Ice's movie Cool As Ice has been one of my very favorite 'bad' movies for a very long time. I put quotes around 'bad' because this movie is so unbelievably absurd that it goes far beyond good or bad. Don't believe me?

My very first job on a payroll was working at a Movies Unlimited video rental store as a teenager. I worked with some crazy characters. We used to play movies on the TVs in the store all day & chill at the counter watching them if there were no customers.

We played a eclectic variety, but there was one wacky movie we all watched over & over. This was also the only movie that people asked about EVERY single time we played it. I wish I were lying, but the only thing I can guess is that the customers were mesmerized by Ice's neon orange outfits and killer dance moves.

This classic piece of cinema is of course:

My parents are replacing a cabinet w/ video tapes at their house & I saw this tape sitting out. (This was one of the tapes I secured when the movie store went out of business.) I was watching it with my brother & he vowed never to watch it again.

I cannot recommend this movie enough nor describe how hysterically horrible it is.
There are some tidbits on Youtube, but these are just morsels from a feast of pure ridiculousness.

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