Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chaotic Markets- Due to a Fractal Economy?

by Me

...or is the seeming 'chaos' in the economy due to inhuman levels of malfeasance?

I've posted alot about the amazing mathematic & graphic constructs known as "fractals".

The fractal is an expression of chaos theory, which attempts to quantify complex, 'chaotic' systems.

Colorful fractal designs are also very interesting from an aesthetic point of view.
I saw this article that ponders the chaotic nature of our economic marketplace and the possibility of a better understanding their dynamic nature:

"How Fractals Can Explain
What's Wrong with Wall Street"

That whole article, though, seems like a bunch of crap after reading one of the astute comments that really hits the nail on the head:

"We have criminals in charge and they ran a pyramid scam on the American people disguised as a real estate "boom". You don't need a complicated mathematical model to predict how a pyramid scam will end, unless you're stupid."

The capstone of America's Greatest Pyramid Scam is topped by the figurehead & puppetmaster that are supposed to be dutifully managing The United States of America: George Bush & Dick Cheney. Now can we impeach these scumbags & let them go down in history as the national disgrace that they are? Please? Pretty please?

No? Oh, ok...

Help us Congressman Kucinich, you're our only hope!