Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mind TV: Wildlife Rehabilitation

The internet is phenomenal.

I saw this public access show about a month ago w/ one of my brothers & it had us enthralled & entertained. It is basically 2 people from the Schuylkill Center’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic sitting in a cubicle talking about wildlife. They are a real pair of characters, but the dude Rick Shubert, is totally serious about the animals.

I just saw it on again earlier tonight so I tried to record some video on my phone to email to myself. Unfortunately, his face in the video is washed out, & for some reason I was laughing out loud over his serious advice that I will now transcribe:

"Some of the ways you can tell if an animal obviously need your help would be if you come across an animal, perhaps it's on the side of the road maybe hit by a car, it's bleeding... or if it's a smaller animal and it's obviously lethargic, flies landing on it, maybe fly eggs or maggots, *(swallow)* there's something wrong with that and it's something that needs our help... all of the critters that are out there to help really just need their space in the world to survive & they don't want to hurt you & they're very stressed and scared by being around people & they will defend themselves if you put your hands on them..."

...and he doesn't stop. It really must be watched to be appreciated.
I didn't put any periods in his big run-on sentence because he doesn't take a breath. The poor lady doesn't get a word in edgewise with such an uncontrollable fountain of wildlife knowledge next to her.

Thankfully, through the infinite power of Google I found video on the website for MindTV.
I typed in 'wildlife' & voila! A whole series of videos starring the 2 local champions of wildlife rehabilitation.

Maybe it's the artist in me speaking, but I don't understand why you'd spend money to produce a segment about nature & not put a plant or a picture of animals somewhere. It looks like they're in a padded cell inside the Death Star!

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