Thursday, September 18, 2008

What is Graphic Design?

Ah... nothing like questioning the "man on the street"!

This video
was on & it is really amusing. I always wonder when I tell people that I'm a graphic designer if they know what that entails. Design as a general category encompasses all forms of sensual & perceptual communication.

Graphic, interactive media, print, fabric, lighting, floral, architectural, mechanical, video, and others are only a few of the lables that can be applied to different fields of design. The great thing about art in the the Computer Age is the unlimited ability for creativity through imaging & multimedia software.

I'm just glad to live in a time where I can manipulate pixels of light through the magic of Photoshop. As much as I appreciate the work of the classical masters like Leonardo da Vinci & Michelangelo, oil painting just isn't my thing.

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