Wednesday, September 10, 2008

John Lennon Animated Interview

I posted the other day about my favorite Bush Hatin' Hip-Hop Videos. I said how different the style of these rappers compared to protest music of the 60's. No artist since I've been alive has remotely compared to the most influential counter-culture figure of that time, John Lennon.

My Dad had me listening to the Beatles since I was old enough to know what music was. If I could only listen to music from one group of artists, it would be the Beatles. John Lennon's political and artistic efforts outside the group have always inspired my world outlook.

At, I saw this amazing Youtube video of an animation illustrating a 14 year old's informal, yet insightful, interview with the legendary icon. The boy, Jerry Levitan, grew up & now has a website I Met the Walrus for the Academy Award nominated animated short film.

There are so many profound & witty quotes in this little bit of tape- it shows what an amazing mind John Lennon had. It also shows why the forces of death had such an interest in eliminating him.

"War is big business.
They like war, because it keeps Them fat and happy.
I'm anti-war, so They want me out."

"Violence begets violence."

"They got all the money and the weapons. They now how to fight the violence. They've been doing it for how many years suppressing us. The only thing They don't know about is nonviolence & humor."

"We're all Hitler inside and we're all Christ inside.
It's just to try to work on the good bit of you"

"Oh I see, well, those kids-
they sound like squares."

"The messages are all there on all levels...
It's about everything... It's about nothing...
It just is."

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