Friday, October 15, 2010

It's a Jersey Thing

This week's South Park was one of the funniest ones ever.

South Park Studios:
"It's a Jersey Thing"

Maybe I'm partial because I live in the crazy state that was the focus of their scorn, The Armpit of America™, New Jersey. I'll admit actually like Jersey because of the location- within a few hours of NYC & DC and I'm a half hour from Philly & AC. It's an interesting place because it has both the best & the very worst from all cultural backgrounds and walks of life.

This episode bashed all of those ridiculous NJ-based reality shows- but MTV's "The Jersey Shore" & the knuckleheads who emulate those clowns were given absolutely no mercy.

The 'Snooki' sighting especially had me laughing out loud uncontrollably.

"Snooki want Smoosh-Smoosh,"
(spoken in a goblin voice) is now a permanent part of the American lexicon.

Since I'm on the topic of my beloved home state, I'll also post this embarrassingly insane video I saw of Wildwood "gahbage" from the 80's.

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