Monday, October 18, 2010

Preparation for the Landing

Did I miss this somehow?....

As with all bizarre things that amuse me, I had to look into this further. The old lady pretending to be a space princess is Ruth Norman aka Uriel of Unarians, who sadly passed away in 1993. We could only wish our time was as "progressive & positive" as she predicted. I'd much rather have any visiting alien life resemble her vision of luminous benevolent beings, instead of reptilian overlords or killer microbes...not that I'd have a choice.

My Dad, a fan of the classic Star Trek series, recently asked me if I thought there were aliens. My response began with the usual disclaimer: I really don't know... but my guess would be there has to be life out in the vast Universe. However, until I see some astonishing proof I'll admit it's speculation. If anything, higher beings would probably view Earth like a giant zoo or safari to visit & observe.

The interesting thing is that if there is life elsewhere, that can possibly be proven one day, regardless of how far off. If, however, Earth is alone in the universe by some unfathomably cruel twist of reality, then human existence will forever be an infinite journey of unfulfilled searching.

At least we can make & watch crazy videos while we're at it!

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