Saturday, October 02, 2010

True Conspiracies?

Since I mentioned Glenn Beck's conspiratorial mindset in my last post, it reminded me of this interesting list I read.

Since I was young, mysterious things always caught my attention. However, I am a healthy balance of skeptical & open-minded. I try to recognize even the craziest possibilities in life, but I also require convincing evidence to be truly persuaded about something extraordinary.

Conspiracy theories are one of man's oldest pastimes. Since people cannot have the omnipotence required to see or understand everything that happens in society, circumstantial narratives trying to explain it all are always going to emerge.

Despite my detached approach to any information that is of a conspiratorial nature, the world is a crazy place- therefore crazy situations are more commonplace than one might think. The many types of "conspiracy theories" out there can't all be true, but that doesn't mean there are no real conspiracies taking place!

With recent news about the FBI investigating peace activists & the U.S. government having to apologize for secretly infecting Guatemalans with STD's in the 40s, this stuff shouldn't be shocking anymore.

This list summarizes 33 conspiracies that are said to have occurred throughout history:

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