Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sun Chips Trashes "Green" Bags

Usually for lunch I eat sandwiches & chips, & Sun Chips are one of the brands I buy.

I thought they had a really great initiative in using biodegradable bags made from plant products.

Non-renewable packaging is a source of tremendous waste in our society. It's also something that can should be easily solvable given the many advancements in biodegradable materials & sustainable packaging. For instance, styrofoam should be outlawed & replaced with organic mushroom fiber fillers!

Unfortunately, the 'green' SunChips bags were unusually loud when they were crinkled or folded. Although it didn't bother me enough to stop buying them, apparently Frito Lay has stopped shipping them.

"Frito Lay Withdraws Eco SunChips Bags"

They are working on a quieter bag still made from eco-friendly materials, which is encouraging.

I think people are going to wake up soon & re-think all the materials that we use for different applications.

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