Monday, November 15, 2010

Michael Moore on Real Time

Michael Moore should be Obama's Chief of Staff.

Even though he's a dumpy looking guy with a clearly "liberal" point of view, he's never wavered in his support of working people over the selfish interests of corrupt big business & government that have drained the country.

When he rightly spoke out against the serious problems with the Bush crew & The Oil Wars, he was derided as a un-American liberal loudmouth. He was, in fact, a voice of reason in a country deluded by fear & insanity post 9-11.

Bill Maher should have interviewed just Moore, who really goes on a tear towards the end of the clip.

He's definitely right about the need for the public to press the Obama White House on the big issues that urgently need to be addressed. The divided Congress may not be any help to him or the nation at large unless he decides to clearly & forcefully make the case for viable solutions to the county's complex problems.

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