Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Love Conspiracy Lady

On the symbolism website Secret Sun, I saw a link to this video that is instantly on my list of Youtube favorites.

I'm not completely sure if this video by 'contactee' Colleen Thomas is totally serious, a bit of a joke, or an attempt to influence people. Regardless of the intent, it's a masterpiece & she's definitely a piece of work.

The only way I can describe her is as a combination of the reptilian/alien/global elite conspiracies of David Icke & the political paranoia of Glenn Beck, somehow manifesting itself in an attractive, feisty lady who seems to know the secret truth behind everything.

The greatest thing about modern technology is that people like myself & Ms. Thomas can express our voices & ideas to the world, even if they seem completely crazy.

Even though I find her to be extremely entertaining, this next 1/2 hour video is quite a rant. I've had it playing in the background as I'm typing. I just stopped & laughed because she's kind of droning on about reptilians and pleiadians and the world leaders eating people...

Like I've said before, I think anything is possible- but extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. What's going on inside a person's head is not convincing evidence for me.

Despite a fair amount of off-topic rambling, at 18:40 in this video, she says the wisest thing of all:

As I'm watching her other videos, for some reason they seem to be getting more intriguing...

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