Thursday, May 19, 2011

Apocalypse Fever: May 21,2011

The Doors- The End (Live in Toronto)

Apocalyptic visions and predictions have existed since man first developed a sense of time.

This cultural anxiety is probably a natural extension of our own fear of individual mortality.

Just within the last century, there have been plenty of Doomsday Prophecies that have come & gone.

44 End of the World Prophecies-That Failed

Recently, charlatan pastor Harold Camping has gained notoriety for his "numerical-based" prediction that Judgement Day is coming May 21st, a couple days from now.

I first became aware of a billboard near my house, many months ago, proclaiming Judgement Day May 21st 2011.

I remember seeing it while driving home... rolling my eyes & thinking, "I can't wait until May 22, I might call into the Family Radio & give 'em hell", no pun intended.

More recently, more people have heard about it & it's sort of gone "viral".

Most people seemed to be amused by it, but some poor souls are actually caught up in this madness & preparing for The End of the World™. It's sad that people with families are unwisely liquidating their assets & emptying their savings in anticipation of leaving this world.

My sister is having an End of the World Party this weekend, but it's more of a goof. We're lighting a bonfire, eating our Last Meal of choice, drinking beer, and hoping Jesus stops in for the celebration if he's returning. At least I'll be enjoying time with my family if we start ascending into our Light Bodies.

Regarding The Rapture, I saw this flowchart, but I hope it isn't accurate!

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