Tuesday, May 24, 2011

God Postpones The Rapture (Again)

Well, my sister & brother-in-law foresaw the aftermath of this past weekend's "May 21st Judgement Day" fiasco more accurately than Harold Camping could ever hope to predict...

They've done research on this clown, Harold Camping, who is now The King of Failed Doomsday Predictions.

Before last Saturday, they had 100% correctly guessed what the outcome would be.

They said when Judgement Day came & went, Camping would claim that instead of a Pre-Apocalyptic Rapture, the rapture was actually going to be a Post-Apocalyptic Rapture- on October 21, 2011!

So, this con-man already had a backup plan when his absurd prediction didn't materialize.

If anyone believes anything Harold Camping says after this weekend, they should be put in a straightjacket. It's as blindly idiotic as thinking Donald Trump should be President.

Of course, we now know the true reason that The Rapture didn't happen...

...an unholy flying elbow:

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