Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stephen Colbert's SuperPAC & the FEC

Stephen Colbert is simply the greatest American political satirist. His merciless exploitation of political theatre is sublime, but also hysterical.

I've been following his recent efforts to form a PAC (Political Action Committee), although I'm not going to bother joining on the website:

Colbert PAC
"Making a Better Tomorrow...

Last nite I was laughing my ass off, watching the footage he showed of his trip to the FEC. He is making a brilliant mockery of the whole corrupt political process, that overwhelmingly favors money & power over sensible ideas.

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Stephen Files Super PAC Request
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Highlighting the arbitrary & sometimes ridiculous nature of Law, he is trying to bypass certain restrictions (due to being employed by Viacom) on his ability to form a PAC- by forming a nominally different fundraising entity, called a "SuperPAC".

Besides showing the absurdity in our election & political processes, Colbert really just wants that sweet, sweet cash being made by all the other professional politician/entertainers!

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