Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rogues Gallery of Republican Governors

I feel vindicated on this post- since the night after I wrote it, The Daily Show had a segment about these freshman GOP governors:

The Daily Show:
Gov Hurts

Because American media loves covering things getting blown up & conflict in general, the military engagement in Libya is now the current focus of the major news outlets.

Here in our country, though, there's a war of ideas going on- that has serious consequences for many Americans.

Because of general dissatisfaction with government & the inability of the Democrats to make acceptable progress out of the Bush/Cheney wreckage, Republicans got some gains in the last election cycle from the amnesiac American voters.

The right-wing GOP governors have since come out in a united, open effort- to destroy public education, bust labor unions, defund mass transit, and basically make poor & disadvantaged people's lives even more of a struggle.

The obsession with endless tax cuts & financial deregulation at the expense of social programs & public works will continue to drain our society.

This was a very good rundown on ThinkProgress outlining the questionable priorities of these new governors:

ThinkProgress REPORT:
In 12 States, GOP Plans To Slash Corporate Taxes
While Increasing Burden on Working Families

In my oft-misaligned state of New Jersey, I didn't even vote in the last governor's election because Jon Corzine (D) was a Goldman Sachs guy that was unpopular & not going to win. I sure as hell wasn't going to vote for Dubya's US attorney, Chris Christie... so I said 'screw it'.

We'll see how this state is doing at the end of his term, but at the very least he'll have a lot of pissed off teachers fighting to get rid of him by then. The sad thing is that Christie doesn't even seem to be the most obnoxious or irresponsible of the bunch. The former Fox News fill-in host, John Kasich of Ohio, might be in the running for that honor.

At least some people are trying to fight back against the relentless madness present in the federal & state governments:

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