Saturday, August 11, 2012

Archival Fred Rogers Interview

While working on the computer, I listened to this entire 4 hour, 9-part interview with public television legend, Fred Rogers.

He is best known for the children's TV show, "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood", which influenced generations of young American minds.

Mr. Rogers was an uncommonly kind & gentle soul. His lifelong commitment to providing young children with positive, educational programming was truly a gift to our culture.

He emphasized art, music, learning of all kinds, and nurturing healthy emotions in a child that are vital to developing a mentally sound human being, early in their life.

I watched Mr. Rogers when I was a little kid. He was an ordained minister & was almost like a childhood Zen master to me- teaching calm, compassion, and the value of an inquisitive, open mind. These are qualities that have stayed with me into my adult life.

He even testified before Congress in 1969 to save public television programming from the fiscal chopping block of the regressive conservatives of the time. 

I'm glad I listened to the whole interview, as he has valuable insights & inspiring wisdom shared throughout.

His loss was a profound one for our society, but thankfully his work lives on in hundreds of episodes & this archival interview.

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