Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Political Madness 2012

I haven't really commented on politics this election season as much as I have in the past, but I always  pay close attention to the political & election news.

To coincide with the bizarre carnival of archaic & absurd ideas going on right now- also known as the 2012 Republican National Convention - The Monkey Buddha presents some favorite political humor & infographics;

I'm a registered Independent, but my political views would tend to be seen as progressive. However, I'm also conservative- in the sense that I don't think public money should be wasted on unpaid wars of conquest, unfunded mandates or tax breaks for the obscenely wealthy. I'd like to think of myself as a realist & an objective observer, but I also think there are real differences between the objectives of the 2 major political parties.

I find the Republican Party, as a whole, to be hopelessly obsessed with out-moded ideas & downright delusional policy positions. They seem to long for a mythical time in history... where America was uncorrupted, pure, & righteous in the eyes of (the Christian) God.

Of course, such a time never existed.... The World Was Always Awful!

Watching as much of the GOP convention as I can stomach, it's almost like viewing performances from a weird political satire movie. It's just lame on an epic scale. Who knows if the Democratic Convention will be just as bad, but it'll be hard to match the lack of charisma of these speakers.

Anyway, I come across alot of political material in my Internet travels, but haven't posted alot of them. To kick of the Presidential Election race, I dumped some political art I've saved into an album in The Monkey Buddha Visual Archives.

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