Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Visionary Art by Mugwort Designs

On The Teleomorph, I saw links to the excellent work of 2 talented artists that caught my 3rd eye.

The art of Isaac Mills of Mugwort Designs is simply awesome. His creations are on par with other great visionary artists, like Luke Brown & the master, Alex Grey.
Check out his gallery... it's hard for me to pick favorites:

Mugwort Designs: 

He makes unique, hypnotic collages of geometric & symbolic forms. In the one below, he utilized the ancient Flower of Life pattern. This symbol, made of equidistant interlocking circles, inspired me to create the "Da Vinci's Challenge™" strategy game.

 The perfect, emergent symmetry of the Flower of Life has inspired artists like ourselves since the dawn of civilization.

 I also thought this techno-buddhist future totem was a wild journey from the Hell Realms to the Buddha Realms of Pure Light:

Such mind-bending illustration would be almost impossible without the infinitely versatile light canvas that we call "the computer".

On the same post I saw Mugwort's art, there was also this brilliant depiction of the lotus flower as a symbol of Spirit/Consciousness emerging from the muck of the physical world, by Julie Beloussow.

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