Monday, August 27, 2012

Learning the Meaning of Life

 After the video featuring Cyriak's dissonant view of Life in my last post, I thought I"d balance it out with a more tranquil vision.

I've previously stated my view that there is NO such thing as a "Meaning" of Life.

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

"Meaning" is an abstract concept, created by the mind of humans, and is NOT inherent in nature.

Life just IS.

Despite that fact, I can appreciate the sentiment below, by Lin Yutang.

It hints at the need to let pressing worldly concerns drop away once in awhile, to appreciate the immediate sensations we experience when relaxed & at peace.

I constantly have design work & other projects going on.
However, I've also continually cultivated the ability to turn off the computer, the TV, & the cell phone- so my mind can experience periods of introspection or undisturbed calm.

One of my great joys in life is the chance to rest & do nothing at all.

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