Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Frontline: The Choice 2012

Last night I was watching a Frontline documentary profiling the 2 Presidential candidates, President Obama & Mitt Romney.

It's an excellent documentary. I found it to be objective, giving accurate looks at the lives of both candidates with no partisan spin.

It should be required viewing for anyone voting this year.

Watch it online or find it on TV when it's on again.


Having watched it with an open mind, there's still no way in hell I'd vote for Mitt Romney. His whole life, his mission has been to save the bottom line- saving money for rich investors at the expense of any other people who may get in the way.

The importance of Profit vs. Humanity is central to this election. If you think rich people should make more money, poor people should be left to fend for themselves in the streets, & public institutions should all be corporatized, then Gov. Romney's your man.

I never thought Obama was going to be a messiah for the country, but do I think he has worked toward improving the country in tangible ways. The problem is, like all Presidents, he's a cog in a soul-crushing bureaucratic machine. He & his most fervent followers were perhaps too optimistic in the hope that the culture of Washington DC could be quickly & permanently changed.

Most of the problems that people ignorant of the political process attribute to Obama are actually the result of an ineffectual Congress. America's low-information voters got whipped into a frenzy during the 2010 midterm elections & were sucked into the corporate-backed Tea Party movement. This faux movement, funded by right-wing special interest like the Koch Brothers, preyed on foolish people's frustrations & blind patriotism.

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives has openly done everything to block Obama's attempts at progress, with shockingly little regard for the effects on the nation.

The first Presidential debate was a snoozefest, with the idiot pundits declaring Romney the winner because he acted like an aggressive a-hole. After everyone fact-checked his bullcrap, it became apparent that Romney is a snake-oil salesman, who will say absolutely anything to get elected. He contradicts himself so much it makes the "flip-flopper" label given to John Kerry in 2006 seems quaint.

All politicians are masters of B.S., but Romney really is shameless in his lying during the quest for power.

There are a couple more debates & a few weeks left before America chooses the person to represent it's vision of the future.

Hopefully it's not handed to the socially-awkward billionaire corporate toolbag, but we shall see...

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