Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Player Hating on Romney

Romney seen through the glasses from "They Live"

Last night was the 3rd & final debate between the 2012 Presidential candidates.

President Obama definitely showed the benefit of actually having the Commander-in-Chief job for 4 years. He sunk Mitt Romney's battleship on a number of occasions. Gov. Romney sweated & sputtered his way through numerous incoherent positions, as Obama schooled him on the proper way to handle world affairs. Romney didn't really give any substantial differences between his positions & what the President is already doing. 

To be fair, the debate was mostly bullsh*t... revolving around sucking up to certain Middle East countries & threatening other ones. There was no discussion of things like the Eurozone or the Mexican drug wars, which are huge foreign policy issues for the U.S. This is more due to the incompetence of Bob Schiffer as a moderator than the lack of initiative by the candidates.

Of course, the cable news pundits continue to act like Romney didn't give embarrassing, piss-poor performances at the last couple debates. Every instant poll showed Obama winning, but commentators want it to be a tight race, keeping suspense (& ratings) high. Obama screwed up the 1st debate, so we'll have to see if bringing his A-game to the others can make up for it. Romney supporters choose to stay in denial about his inability to best Obama & refuse to admit defeat. Few people are admitting how bad Romney really comes off.

My own mind is made up, & there's simply no way I'll vote for Romney over Pres. Obama. I know the Long-Legged Mack Daddy is a flawed human being & I'm aware of his record. The job of President is mind-bogglingly difficult- a fact I could appreciate even when the walking disaster, George W. Bush, was in office. However, I've learned enough by looking at Romney's record (& by looking at the man himself) to see that he's not going to fight for the same priorities & values that Obama has at least tried to push.

Anyway, now I'm going to use this post to unload some Mitt material that I've bookmarked.  It's my way of expressing personal dissatisfaction with such a crappy candidate.

Google Image Search:

First of all, Mr. Romney is clearly an advocate of corporate power over people power.

-Mitt Romney

Think Progress:

His experience at Bain Capital certainly doesn't qualify him to handle the unique problems involved in running a country of citizens- who represent more than just the bottom line on a financial statement.

Village Voice:

Then, there's the fact that Romney refuses to release details of his tax plan & how he'll pay for all the crap he's promising, while still cutting taxes across the board...

for Details on Mitt Romney's Tax Plan

Despite the constant lament that there's no real choice between the 2 major parties, I vote because there are real differences between the candidates. Even a slightly different policy approach, on certain matters, could affect millions of individuals, the country, & the wider world. 

Yes, a vote is just a drop in a bucket, but enough drops can fill an ocean- or drive the policies of a nation. I also feel that by practicing my civil responsibility, I can comment on politics without looking like a total hypocrite. 

Of course there are serious problems with the voting system (which I'll post about shortly). However, I can't be a complete cynic, so I vote with the hope that my choice is being counted.

Finally, on a more humorous note, here is an awesome album cover & a video made for Mitt Romney's alter-ego, "The King of Bling" R-Money:

The video below is funny, but could be considered offensive (to people with no sense of humor) & NSFW, so watch at your own discretion:

seen on disinfo.com

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