Saturday, October 13, 2012

Visionary Artist - Android Jones

There are many talented people creating visionary art, especially with the ever-increasing power of computer imaging software.

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

It's always cool to randomly come across people's amazing work, such as the creations of Android Jones:

This image, "Dream Catcher", conveys the sense of consciousness dissolving into digital & cosmic infinity.

 It's one of the many awesome images in his portfolio.

I tried to capture the same feeling in my "Digital Self-Portrait," that is featured on "Can You Draw the Internet?"

click image for hi-res

From The Monkey Buddha Visual Archive:

"A digital self-portrait
representing the mind integrating with &

transcending physical technology
through immersion into the realm of pure energy.

The Internet is the beginning of a conduit
into a non-local experience of consciousness."

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