Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Chakra Ascension" Series- 4 Anahata

In 2003, I created seven 3D images that I intended to be a series.

The images show a solitary, meditating figure in different environments. Each setting corresponds to the ancient metaphysical energy system within the body, known as "chakras".

I am not a chakra meditation practitioner, so I approached this as a metaphorical work of art. I've finally decided to post the "Chakra Ascension" series, for other people to contemplate.

I'll be introducing a new image every day, from now until the Summer Solstice- June 21, 2014.

*Now that it's complete, here is a link to the whole series. There's also a free e-book version that can be downloaded at this link :

by Paul Micarelli

 Scroll down for the description of Chakra 4, Anahata.

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This image represents the 4th level of Ascension- the Heart Chakra, Anahata.

The color associated with this chakra is green, and its element is air.

Anahata is the seat of love and compassion.
First, one must learn to truly love and accept oneself- then unconditional love can be extended to others.

Found at the chest-level location of the heart, with its dense nerve center, this chakra is said to be the center of our "human nature".

This is considered the middle chakra, a bridge where harmony and equilibrium are cultivated by connecting the lower and higher energy levels.

Here the complex emotions of the lower, physical chakras are all assimilated, through selfless love for other beings.

Mindful compassion is the key to sublimating the base emotions into more noble intentions. Then, one can be free to ascend into the higher, more subtle realms of existence.

The Observer on his pillar rises above the physical world, and is enveloped by the clouds and the air element representing this chakra. Looking out onto the ever-changing world below, the lush green color also characterizing the Anahata chakra (and all of Life) can be seen.

The head of The Observer is emerging from the mountains of the womb-like Earth, symbolizing humanity's eventual escape from the confines of this planet.

Although still connected to the Earth & the lower realms, The Observer is continuing the ascent up through the atmosphere.

This symbolizes the process of transcending the physical world, to reach the higher planes of consciousness.

The next stage is the 5th Throat Chakra- Visuddha.

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