Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Chakra Ascension" Series- 5 Visuddha

In 2003, I created seven 3D images that I intended to be a series.

The images show a solitary, meditating figure in different environments. Each setting corresponds to the ancient metaphysical energy system within the body, known as "chakras".

I am not a chakra meditation practitioner, so I approached this as a metaphorical work of art. I've finally decided to post the "Chakra Ascension" series, for other people to contemplate.

I'll be introducing a new image every day, from now until the Summer Solstice- June 21, 2014.

*Now that it's complete, here is a link to the whole series. There's also a free e-book version that can be downloaded at this link :

by Paul Micarelli

 Scroll down for the description of Chakra 5, Visuddha.

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This image represents the 5th level of Ascension- the Throat Chakra, Visuddha.

The color associated with this chakra is blue, and its element is the mystical ether- the energy field that permeates the Universe.

Visuddha, located at the throat, is the chakra associated with speech & communication.
Through creative self-expression, such as music, art, writing & speaking, one can develop their own spiritual growth by sharing their wisdom with others.

Through the many forms of digital media, people are now able to create and share information, opinions, art, and ideas in ways that are unprecedented.
This accelerating increase in connectivity is allowing the human race to rapidly outpace our physical evolution.

The power of technology, especially that of computers & the Internet, has greatly increased the human race's capacity for communicating and sharing knowledge with one another.

At this level, The Observer is mentally connected to abstract cybernetic entities, through beams of light. The human being is now merging physically & mentally with the machines, to greatly enhance the conscious experience.

The glowing obelisks represent humanity's technical heritage, continuing from ancient times to the present day. Through focused light beams of information, these obelisks and The Observer are connected to a giant techno-sphere, emerging from a higher plane.

We are synthesizing our past, present, and future- into a new form of consciousness, that is timeless and all-encompassing.

At this stage of the ascension, The Observer is far above the primal energy levels, characterized by the lower chakras. The viewpoint is now high up in the atmosphere, with clouds obscuring the physical landscape, but it has not yet fully transcended the world below.

Despite the many benefits of technological progress, we must also be able to shut off these outward connections for further spiritual advancement.

We have to look inward, and quiet the mind's desire to constantly communicate, in order to experience a higher level of being.

The next stage is the 6th Chakra, the Third Eye- Ajna.

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