Monday, January 28, 2008

Dubya's Last State of the Union

Apparently The War Monkey is giving his last ceremonial speech, which I'm sure will be a complete waste of time for everyone. I might watch some of it if I'm in a self-abusive mood.

Perhaps we should be grateful that the planet Earth is still in one piece after 2 terms of this maniac & his puppetmaster, Dick Cheney (who, like all humans, is but a puppet himself).

Speaking of Emperor Cheney, I can also say - as much as I consider him the antithesis of everything I stand for - that I'm glad that nothing happened to George W. that would have given Cheney & Co. a chance to impose martial law & take over. There are so many horrible scenarios possible when those who sow fear, death, & discord have such power.

Anyway, to counter the propaganda and blatant lies that will be filling the airwaves, I have to get some rants off my chest. The fact that I am still subject to this scumbag after 8 years has got me all fired up:

• Not even counting the rest of their administration, Bush & Cheney alone have committed so many criminal & immoral activities that most people would be sentenced to generations in jail. I don't think they will ever be held into account. They have perpetrated scandal after scandal to the point where it's impossible to focus on a single aspect of their illegal activity while they are in office & so the corruption train continues steamin' ahead with everyone distracted by election primaries.

• The idea that the President or VP can't be called out or prosecuted for the madness they have created because of the "dignity of their office" is just bullcrap. They are human beings just like us & I'm not obligated to give one bit of respect to a arrogant, incompetent jackass with the blood of millions on his hands who disrespects the entire human race just by speaking.

• Along the same lines, I have to say "America, Right or Wrong" is a slogan for fools. America is an abstract concept that doesn't even really exist in a physical sense. The geo-socio-economic idea we call America is defined by the actions and priorities of various systems... that are usually engulfed by corruption. Therefore, it is only logical that America could be an entity that is partially represented by immoral, wrong actions & people. Agreeing with the government at all times is not patriotic, unless a retarded sheep is considered the patriotic standard. I guess some people would rather believe in some nice, shiny ideal that is obviously nonsense instead of facing the difficult realities of the given situation.

• Our whole political system is garbage. The very idea of a President is simply a watered-down monarchy. Infinite human potential is being wasted due to the complete insanity of the political, economic, & justice systems. Although my tone is overly pessimistic in this post, I am optimistic that the exponential amount of knowledge and participation resulting from the internet will continue to be a positive force for change - as long as the existing flow of unlimited communication is not 'regulated' to discourage free thought.

• My first choice of the top 3 Democrats would be John Edwards, but it doesn't look like he's getting the support Obama & Hillary are getting. It doesn't matter, anyway. The next President is going to be faced with a situation similar to being at the bottom of a mile deep pit of elephant dung with only a plastic spoon to dig out. Add to that countless Republican politicians & pundits screaming over the edge at you for not getting anything done. It should be a real hoot.

• War in general is immoral, but especially war of aggression against civilian populations.

• Invading a sovereign nation, bombing citizens & calling them collateral damage is the most heinous and brutal form of state-sponsered terrorism. Crying "They did it to us first!" is childish, and in the case of Iraq it is also factually incorrect. It is also a fact that the British & American military have been just as eager to terrorize innocent people as any militant organization, and even more so, simply because it is lucrative business for military-industrial war profiteers to kill as many foreign people as the American conscience will tolerate. The fact that Congress & the American people aren't demanding an end to this particular horrific charade every single day makes us all complicit in the ongoing destruction of an ancient culture & the forced subjugation of its people.

• Speaking of the military, with robot armies in the first stages of deployment and scientific cybernetic research accelerating, it is only a matter of time before such trivial concerns as who is President of a particular country, or how well he is doing, will cease to matter. We will either be in a Terminator-like hellscape or, preferably, a digitally enhanced techno-democracy that produces progressive ideas and positive action.


Well, the Daily Show is coming on,
so I must end this little rant about one billion words short.

To sum it up......Right back at ya, jerk-off.

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