Monday, January 21, 2008

Vintage Computer Pictures

Computers have only recently gotten to the point where the capabilities & usability are more rewarding than frustrating. Apple Computers has prevented my world from being a Microsoft Windows hell, for which I am eternally grateful.

As a creative professional who relies on the superior functionality of my Mac's at the studio & at home, just the thought of having to deal with Windows gives me a headache. I've talked about my introduction to computers through a Window 3.0/DOS PC in the early 90's. Even then, I knew that there had to come a day when computing would get past such limited function & archaic modes of operation.

I came across these vintage photos from the dawn of the personal computing era. It made me even more thankful that I wasn't stuck in a time having to use that really primitive technology. I'm sure, though, that in the future, people looking back through the Universal Digital Archives (using their implanted bio-chips) will wonder how we tolerated non-quantum processing & non-instant creative processes.

Anyway, here's my favorite image from the bunch. It really is almost scary to me, & not just because the kids look insane as they stare at each other instead of the game they are suppose to be playing. The clunkiness of the equipment, the dreadful graphics, & the sheer crappiness of it all compared to today's tech is pretty crazy:

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