Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Soul Caliber IV - Vader & Yoda

I've been waiting to get a PS3, but my brother got one for Xmas, so it's easier to hold out for now. However, I've said that once Soul Caliber IV and The Force Unleashed come out, I might end up giving in pretty quickly to getting my own magic black game machine.

I just saw that in addition to probably being all-around kick ass like the previous Soul Caliber titles, the next one will include Star Wars characters. The only ones that have been revealed are Darth Vader & Yoda, but hopefully they'll actually have more in the game.

Even though it is kind of strange to pit the fantasy/medieval fighters of Soul Caliber against the sci-fi Star Wars lightsaber masters, I'll still play the hell out it. What they should do is take the great fighting engine in Soul Caliber and create an actual Star Wars fighting game w/ Jedi, Sith, & melee fighters. Things have come a long way since the old PS1 game Masters of Tera Kasi, & I think it would make an awesome fighting game to add to Force Unleashed and the Battlefront 3 game that I assume is coming.

For now, though, I can definitely live with this:

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