Wednesday, January 30, 2008 - ??????

I don't remember how I came across this wacky page a few days ago, but it's literally crazy. It is like an actual visual representation of complete lunatic's mind. There's barely anything on the page that makes even a bit of sense, & it's pretty awesome.

I am so used to trying to create designs for readability and coherence in the mass market, that seeing a schizo mess like this is almost refreshing. It kind of reboots my creative sensibilities while my brain implodes & goes "WHHHAAAAAAAT??????"

Visual overload of any kind, good or bad, tends to fascinate me. Speaking of visual overload, I was looking on FFFFound! to see if that's where I saw this. Not only did I find another ridiculous image that causes instant visual overload..... I also found the maniac whose evident madness, I believe, has manifested into HTML through

"C'mon biaaaatch!
I dare you to jump into my mind!!!!"

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