Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brenden Foster, Bodhisattva

If this video doesn't affect you, you have no soul.

Brenden Foster
is a boy who is only 11 years old & about to die of leukemia.

On the cusp of The Great Unknown, instead of being terrified or woeful, Brendon put his last bit of energy on Earth to help people he didn't even know & would never get a chance to meet. He realized that despite his hopeless condition, there are countless others in worse circumstances who also need help. Although it's tough to live up to his level of altruism, it's the most noble attitude to have toward fellow human beings.

In this seemingly mad world of parasitic vampires in charge of banking, commerce, and government, the seeds of compassion are still being sown. Brendon is a bodhisattva saint in the form of a child. His wish is the eternal dream of a better life for as many people as possible.

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