Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Thoughts


Wow - I've always liked the long-legged freak, but I really, truly thought that there was no way in hell that enough Americans would actually vote for someone named Barack Hussein Obama.

• 'Obama/Biden' is so close to 'Osama Bin Ladin' that it has to be a cosmic joke.

• Yeah, the guy's half-black. This is historic only because America is still full of haters & morons.

• What's more important, as a practical matter - the new President is actually going to be SMART, ELOQUENT, & COMPETENT. Imagine that!

• I always try to prepare myself for the worst scenarios in any given situation. When things actually work out nicely, it ends up seeming like a miracle.

• This result of this election is like an 'anti-9/11', in the sense that our entire county of millions joined together. Except, instead of horror, sadness, and anger... the outcome was full of joy and

• We are obviously oscillating towards the singularity.

• God clearly doesn't like the Republican party anymore.

• Besides his pandering to the design industry, the Obama campaign's use of art & media was very impressive. Also impressive has been the positive influence Barack's campaign has has on the art community.

Tina Fey & Katie Couric helped
save our Republic from further zombification.

• Barack Obama is powerless against magnetic pole reversals, solar flares, and every other natural phenomenon.

• CNN is the NASA of infographics & Sith technology.

• I kind of felt bad for McCain when he called himself a failure in his final speech. The guy should be proud of himself. Even if I personally thought he wasn't the better candidate, he should be respected as a hero.

• It was McCain's clueless She-Bush sidekick who was unbearable to me & the rest of America. If Sarah Palin wins in 2012, then I will assume that the Mayan doomsday is at hand.

• Obama is crazy for even wanting this responsibility. The dude seems unbelievably motivated, though. Compared to the rogue's gallery that Bush put together, Obama's executive leadership might actually start being effective.

• Fortunately (as the supreme jerk, Donald Trump, said in this interview), "He cannot do worse than Bush... he's been a catastrophe." What he says about Condoleeza is hysterical too.

• 'The Donald' is basically clarifying what cannot ever be emphasized enough: George W. Bush has been a complete failure in every respect & has been an unholy curse on this nation. Good &*%&^&! riddance.

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