Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Politics & Science

Decisions, decisions...

Last night I was veggin out switching between watching cable news or History Channel's 'The Universe'.

I opted to avoid the news. The big story was that the Democrats allowed the most obnoxiously two-faced weasel in national politics, Joe Lieberman, to retain his chairmanship of a key committee. I will patiently wait for future outrage over some jerk-off move that Joe the Two-Timing Weasel will inevitably pull against the Obama administration.

Mack-daddy Obama took the waaaay high ground on this one, but maybe his forgiving gesture will pay off. If you're not careful, though, someone like that will do you really dirty. Joe Lieberman looks like Senator Palpatine & it occurs to me that 'Holy Joe's' potential antagonism toward Obama might end up resembling the following scenario:

So anyway.... I watched The Universe instead. The animations on thse kinds of shows are great mental visualization tools. All the talk though of entities such as gravitons, superstrings, parallel universes, higher dimensions, & so on, are just creative labels for the endless manifestations of infinity. Science is, generally speaking, another story or symbol set we manipulate to mainly affect our own consciousness. We may think it somehow describes things "out there", but it is mostly the organization of the perceptions in our own head.
One way to describe what appears to be the physical universe would be "infinites upon infinites nested inside the infinity of countless infinites". Some would say that the universe is a fractal, but it would be more accurate to say that 'Reality' is infinite- with fractal patterns being an aspect of the infinity.

Either that, or it's all just a dream.

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