Monday, November 24, 2008

Civic Literacy Quiz

I wasn't a fan of history/social studies in school because it just seemed like a bunch of names & dates. There was not nearly enough pictures and visual information to interest me at the time- before the Rise of the Internets and the Age of the History Channel. Thankfully, I tried to be a good overall student & retained alot of information, anyway.

As I get older, even more infinitely wise about subjects like politics, I've become much more mindful of civic knowledge.

This link is to a Civil Liberty Quiz that I skimmed through. My score was a 75%, which is worse than I thought it was gonna be. After I went back & compared answers there were a few more I should've known. Surprise! The rest America appears to have failed it.

I would love to know if our own lame-monkey President is capable of scoring a 50%. Even that would be shocking to me.

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