Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This. F*cking. Election.

Despite the 'profane' site name, www.thisf*ckingelection.com is actually a pretty plain chronological stream of keywords. Even though it's simple words & phrases, there's waaaay too many references for even a political guru such as myself to recognize. It is a visual timeline of the memes that were propogated throughout the Presidential campaign.

I (like the rest of the world) have to wonder what the Election Multiverse will finally reveal.

Will America really choose an accomplished intellectual with passion and insight for the important issues? Will America, instead, choose an weathered footsoldier who will battle us through the same old battles & terrain?

I really try to avoid predicting anything with certainty. Especially since the last 8 years have proven to be really ridiculous & unpredictable. I still remain hopeful that America will find itself under more pragmatic leadership w/ Barack Obama. However, I also equally expect the possibility of experiencing more of the Rightwingoverse.

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