Monday, January 05, 2009


This article caught my eye on Reality Sandwich, which contemplates the state of mind called 'boredom'.

I'm never really bored. In fact, 'doing nothing' is one of my favorite things. Even stuff like waiting in offices or lines don't bother me at all. I love to sit and think or observe my surroundings & other people.

Although there's always a desire to be productive, I also have no problem lounging and thinking or relaxing while staring at a wall.

Personally, I don't really practice any kind of formal meditation. (Monkey Buddhism is way too advanced for such things. haha) However, even leisurely studies of Buddhist and TM techniques make one more aware of the mind and the human experience.

Even a little bit of knowledge on such subjects go a long way to a consistent peace of mind.

When you are sitting in the same spot for hours, or there's no immediate sources of stimulation, such situations can be focused on inward calmness instead of agitation...

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