Monday, January 12, 2009

Destroying Aesthetics

My previous post about the 'Totally Looks Like' blog made me think of other specialized blogs that I find entertaining.

Two, in particular, deal with the Dark Side of creativity.

The blog Photoshop Disasters is especially interesting to me, since Adobe software is my primary canvas. Most of the foul-ups here are really subtle & are often mistakes in trying to create reflections, shadows, transformations, etc.

It's a vampire check!

Photoshop is a powerful tool, but it takes years of constant use to really master. The people who create the 'Photoshop Disasters' obviously haven't. Most of the featured 'disasters' though are minor mistakes.

On the other hand-
Cake Wrecks is a great archive of culinary creativity gone horribly, wonderfully, wrong. I'm not saying it's easy to make a masterpiece like something on Food Network, but geez...

Cakes are much more personal than print ads. That's why so many of these seem all the more outrageous.

My birthday is in February, & my sister's is on Valentine's. When we were young, we always shared birthdays. They were always a big deal at our house & my parents weren't interested in hosting 2 parties in a single month.

However, my Mom never made us share a cake as pathetic as this one:

The 'Cake Wrecks' archives has plenty more:

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