Monday, January 12, 2009


In the spirit of the 'Change' & 'Hope' ("Chope") of the New Year, I was considering solving the ongoing dilemma of conflict in the Middle East - in just one sentence!

Fortunately, other people have wrote more extensively on the subject already.

That means it's time to move on to the subject of comparing similar-looking faces in an amusing manner.

I've gotten emails forwarded to me showing funny look-alikes, but I saw on Neatorama a link to a blog devoted to the simple, yet endless concept:

Totally Looks Like

This is one of those sites that gives plenty of laugh-out loud material.

Some are obvious ones even I've commented on, like Joe Leiberman/Young Palpatine & Pope Benedict/Old Palpatine.

Among my other favorites:

Flava Flav & Stripe

Nikola Tesla & Grand Moff Tarkin

Iron Chef Mario Batali & Comic Book Guy

Richard Branson & Sabretooth

Bruce Vilanch & Sweetums

Last but not least,
Carrot Top & Lion-o

(^I don't think it's possible not to laugh at that.)

In this mad world, laughter is a precious commodity.

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