Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thinking Games (Literally!)

Well, I know we're entering "The Future" now that we have touchscreen gadgets &, yes, electronic games that run on 'mind power'.

A few days ago on Engadget I saw a post about a game by Hasbro. It supposedly is played using some device that measures your mental concentration.

The title of the article cracked me up...

This thing looks like a Homedics spa device for aliens.

On Geekologie, I saw another mind toy that has been appropriately licensed for Star Wars.

"The Force Trainer" makes kids focus their Jedi mind powers to....... float a ping pong ball?!? Stupid!!

I guess it teaches kids to use their imagination- to pretend it's a thermal detonator or something.

"Toy Trains 'Star Wars' Fans
to Use The Force"

^ This kid has been awake for 3 days straight -
keeping the "Jedi Power Orb" afloat.

In reality, these devices are obviously mankind's baby steps toward the iThink.

I'll get back to that in a couple posts, though...

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