Monday, March 30, 2009

Seeing God

"News" items like those in the video above always give me a sense of horrified amazement. Besides the grim realities of war, stories like "Jesus's Face on Toast" make me the most pessimistic about mankind's chances of long-term survival.

I saw the video compilation on Cynical-C blog and I can't believe how much airtime is spent on craziness like this. (I'd rather watch stories about leprechauns anyday!)

My question is- why haven't the major news agencies picked up on the more relevant mystery of my Tibeten Doppelgänger?!?

The reason that people imagine they are seeing their body double or a holy apparition is explainable. The mind is a network of connections that is constantly processing patterns. The connectivity of the brain operates at all levels - cellular, genetic, and quantum- experiencing limited frequencies from the infinity of reality .

"Scientists Model Words as
Entangled Quantum States in our Minds"

'Seeing' divine signs in random patterns is no different than when I used to look out the window at night as a kid, imagining faces & figures in the trees. The only difference is that even as a child, I knew my mind was creating those images.

Either all the people who believe this stuff are just more foolish than I can relate to, or some are cynically trying to hype the 'sightings' to somehow make a profit. Unfortunately, there's probably a nice amount of both in there...

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