Monday, April 19, 2010

Home Library = Smart Kids

I saw this link on Neatorama last week & I realized how true it was.

"Home Libraries Provide
Huge Educational Advantage"

Any success in my life is due to the excellence my parents expected when I was young.

The 2 most important activities they encouraged that affected my development were art & reading. I've always loved to draw & make things. My household was one where creativity in all forms was encouraged. However, book smarts were also important. Besides making sure we had encyclopedias & interesting things to read in the house, my Mom would take me w/ my siblings to the public library regularly. When I was in elementary school, I used to take out a stack out books each time I went to the library that I would read through completely by the time they were due back.

Although I also liked learning about 'conventional' subject matter, my favorite books as a kid were about strange phenomena & ancient mysteries.

The Time-Life Mysteries of the Unknown series and the Usborne World of the Unknown books were the beginning of my life-long fascination with The Unexplainable.

I found a website, The Haunted Closet, that has pages from these classic Usborne books that brought back hours of my young imagination going wild.

The Haunted Closet:

The Haunted Closet:


My favorite Usborne Book was definitely the one about UFO's:


Anonymous said...

Great scans! I loved these books dearly as a child too. Thanks for the memories. And I agree about being exposed to plenty of books as a child is good parenting.

Chris Speck said...

Thanks so much for these scans, I loved these books as a kids and the pictures bring back vivid memories - many thanks again