Friday, April 02, 2010

Comic Thangkas

I saw a link on io9 to these paintings that are a cool fusion of apparent opposites: East & West, pop culture & sacred tradition, cartoons & religious art. I thought it was a really novel 'mashup' of contrasting iconography with alot of skill & humor involved.

Having grown up reading comic books as a kid to later learning about the profundity of Tibetan art like sand mandalas & painted thangkas as an adult, this is a mix of cultures that I can appreciate.

I looked up the artist, Gade, on Artnet:

"After studying Chinese painting and art history in Beijing, Gade returned to using traditional Tibetan painting techniques but with a modern twist."

Here is his gallery with additional paintings:

Artworks for Sale

I really like this depiction of The Incredible Hulk in the manner of wrathful Tibetan deity Yama the God of Death.

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Anonymous said...

The HULK is - in reality - The Green Man (Sanat Kumara/Al Khdir).

He's the SAVIOR of the planet earth.

Don't make this guy mad because he will send planet X (Hercolubus) to kill all the sinners.