Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Visual Teabaggery

It's strange the "Tea Party" movement is barely a year old...
To me, it seems like they've been throwing their collective temper tantrum for waaaay longer. I've said here previously that all citizens have a right to get all fired up & protest the government or industry. However, that also inevitably includes the sea of idiots who can have their say, too.

There was a much bigger, focused movement behind the anti-war protests during the Bush Dark Ages, & it had it's share of freaks making effigies of Bush & portraying him as Hitler. Those massive world-wide protests did jack shit for ending the Mid-East occupation, despite the specific moral imperative. Therefore, what do these Tea Baggers think their going to accomplish with a incohesive bunch of scared old people & Glenn Beck-fueled ignoramuses with a few guns against the vast power of the Federal Government? I'm sure they think they are battling the Evil Empire- like the immortal legends Luke Skywalker & Ronald Reagan. My biggest problem is the continuing threats & insinuations of personal violence, that only the most ignorant resort to. Besides undermining the movement, it gives the Feds a reason to REALLY take away their precious 'freedom'.

Luckily, there are digital cameras & the Internet to document the creative instincts of some of the Tea Party & The Right-wing's distinguished participants. BoingBoing had two photo sets of exemplary Tea Bagger masterpieces:

"200 Examples
of anti-Obama merchandise

I'm kind of upset my own Obama Socialism! poster didn't make it, but I guess it's because my creation was tongue-in-cheek.

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