Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jon Stewart Analyzes Fox's 'Nazi' Logo

As a graphic artist, I recognize how easy it is to make arbitrary connections between similar visual designs.

Especially with modern tools like the internet & digital imaging software, the ability to make a convincing correlation between seemingly random elements is easier than ever.

Sometimes, the subversive use of symbolism is intentional- like artists Jay-Z or Lady Gaga incorporating obvious Masonic imagery into their creative repertoire which, despite the inevitable conspiracy theories, is mostly for the visual impact. I got one of Jay-Z's Rocawear shirts with Freemason symbols for my brother, not because he's in on a secret society, but just because it looks cool! Which is probably the primary intended purpose.

Even more intellectually dishonest & downright sinister is the use of symbolism to misrepresent the facts in order to push a political agenda. One of the most shameless hucksters of this kind of disinformation is Fox News & it's shameless Pied Piper to America's most gullible scared white people, Glenn Beck. The Pasty Propagandist has blown my mind on occasion with his paranoid ramblings about socialist messages on the US Dime & in Rockefeller Center, and how Obama is the next Stalin. Fortunately, I am not nearly stupid enough to be misled by the political dissembling of that money-grubbing shithead.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of art, or even the basic reality that we inhabit, understands that connections can be made between literally anything- as Jon Stewart effectively demonstrated recently:

The Daily Show:
"A Farewell to Arms"

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