Monday, April 05, 2010

Star Wars Stuff

It's pretty crazy to think that the Star Wars saga is 30+ years old. I grew up watching the original movies & still think it's the greatest epic story in human history. Yes- I am saying that 'classics' like The Iliad, Gilgamesh, & Beowulf are all vastly inferior creations. The fact that the Star Wars fiction is still so intensely popular w/ adults & new generations of fans is proof of it's genius. If mankind lasts another several thousand years into the future, Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader will still be characters in some form of the story.

It's funny because I'm now watching a new generation of young padawans develop in my own family. My little nephew was Yoda to my Luke this past halloween & now that he can talk, he's learned the word "R2". This weekend, my cousin warned me ahead of time before visiting that her young kids are now total Star Wars freaks. I always have a great time with them & let them have my old Attack of the Clones visual dictionary to take home. Before they left, they looked through it, front to back... twice, while they asked me to explain the character & creatures on each page. I started to feel like I was a Jedi Archivist, but it was surprising how much they already knew, too. It was a fun outlet for all this ridiculous SW trivia in my head.

Anyway, the reasons I started writing this post are...

A) I'm a total geek & scored 100% on this test of Star Wars sound effects created by master audio designer Ben Burtt:

Star Wars Sound Effects Quiz

B) I also recently saw this cool-looking bookend set featuring an illuminated lightsaber. I want to see a picture of it glowing in the dark, because the 'molten' holes look like scrambled eggs stuck to the sides under the normal light:

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