Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hannity: Palin/Bachmann 2012!!!

Last nite, I was flipping through the TV before I went to sleep & saw a nightmare-inducing sight... predictably on Fox News.

Professional knucklehead Sean Hannity was on a stage along with the 2 top female leaders of America's right-wingnuts:
Minnesota congresswoman Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann & The Queen of the Teabaggers herself, Sarah Palin. If money-grubbing propagandist Glenn Beck had showed up, they would have formed The Four Horseman of the Foxpocalypse & probably ripped apart the very fabric of reality.

These 3 anti-intellectual luminaries were on a stage in the middle of an auditorium full of what I can only guess are the most ideological & utterly clueless of this country's diverse white citizenry. The only other excuse I can imagine why anyone would stand & listen to their endless jingoistic drivel would be total deafness.

Hannity pondered a Palin/Bachmann ticket in 2012, which would seem to be a dream ticket... for the Democrats! America might have plenty of idiots, but collectively we are not that suicidal (I hope).

The whole thing was so wacked-out to my brain that I didn't even know what the purpose of the event was, until looking it up just now. It was part of a "Conservative Victory" book tour, which is a premise that only a numb-skull ideologue like Sean Hannity could come up with.


I tried to test my mental fortitude & continuously watch these 3 insufferable clowns jabber on & on. However, this personal challenge of my own Zen-like mental power proved to be too much to take. I could only take 30 second increments of sensory assault by the nonstop supernova of shrill stupidity before having to periodically change the channel. It was like needing to come up from underwater to gasp for air.

I found the historically moronic interview on Youtube, but I simply cannot make it through the whole thing. I have a better chance of staring at a blank wall for 8 hours straight.

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