Tuesday, October 07, 2008

George W. Bush = Destruction

Most people watching tonight's debate between McSame & The Long Legged Mack-Daddy will be focusing on the vision for the future each man brings.

The reason people are so eager for a message of hope & change is that we've been stuck in a seemingly bottomless pit of collective despair for the last 8 years. There is one main source, a single point, around which the dreams of an entire nation have been sucked down and drained.

After 8 years, the vast majority of the country has finally recognized this singular source of so much failure, misery, and ignorance.

Surprise!!!! The author of this Boston Globe article has figured out that it is George W. Bush, the dry-drunk imbecile who was awarded his position of Leadership of the Free World by the geniuses on the Supreme Court:

Really?!?!? *GASP!!*
Dubya has been a force of destruction ALL this time???
Who would have guessed?
Answer: Everyone with at least the insight of a turtle.

I knew the failure of a businessman & a human being was going to be a disaster for this country before he even entered office in 2001. In the same way, it's obvious now that the GOP's broken old pawn & his belligerent, winking harpy of a running mate would continue the descent into ruin at a breakneck pace.

Tina Fey's punching bag (Sarah Palin) criticized Obama for stating the truth, that our airstrikes have killed civilians. Are there Americans out there stupid enough to believe that we have weapons that only target 'terrorists' & that we are too honorable to cause innocent death?

That's what America has been doing in every single war of aggression - having indescriminately murdering millions of babies, children, women, the elderly aka "collateral damage"... all because they live somewhere else with resources that we covet.

Do I personally think that America is deplorable or 'The Great Satan' because of it? No, but I'm sure as hell am not proud of it either. It's a matter of pulling the bloody flag from off your face & looking at things like human being.

To be fair, though, the knuckle-draggers attending right-wing Republican rallies have an evolutionary status that is questionable.

It is obvious by the way they are running their campaign at this point that McCain/Palin have zero ideas & are resorting to the infantile accusations of Obama being a closet terrorist. Unfortunately, McCain has not gained any more intelligence or sense of honor since he graduated at the bottom of his class, back in ancient times.

John McCain was old before I was born & that was three decades ago! His wisdom is non-existant, his views are outdated, and his running mate is a female clone of George W. Bush- with even less class!

It is absurd that the neo-cons & their failed ideology have any legitamacy left at all. I can only hope that Obama wipes the floor with "The Make-Believe Maverick" and shows America a clear difference of vision for the country. As usual, things never turn out to be quite that cool, so I'm not holding my breath. After all, if you hold your breath for too long, you die.

Also, there is that little issue of getting to the point where the Bush & Cheney cabal actually volunteer to leave their positions of power... the day of reckoning is creeping closer.

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