Friday, October 03, 2008

The Vice-Presidential Debate

RE: Biden vs. Palin:

"Say it ain't so, Joe!!! Gosh darnit, I think hockey moms & Joe six-packs, bless their hearts, are going to go just 'nucular' over that maverick, Sarah Palin- a true mavericky maverick! Yer darn right!!! *wink, wink*"

Sarah Palin was really pouring on the fake charm last night & I'm sure there are plenty of gullible people out there who saw Gov. Palin as gutsy & "folksy"- which is another way of saying that she talks like a goofy redneck.

Her rambling, evasive answers and her clear lack of national policy substance shows she's a talking-points parrot, just like George W. Bush, but with a prettier facade & a much more annoying accent.

Does America want a backwater 'hockey mom' (who's actually a very typical cyncial & self-serving politician) with an overly-antagonistic attitude in charge of nuclear bombs?

It's a miracle the world isn't already entirely in flames with The War Monkey at the helm. We'd just be pushing our luck with another pair of war-mongering, clueless so-called "conservatives".

Thankfully, the American people agree (see below), & may be waking from their 8 year slumber. The horrific reality of the Republican party's inability to govern is preventing people from falling for more of this bullshit.

Of course, I'm not holding my breath that the combo of voting hijinks & the subservient attitude of the American voters will not allow 4 more years of GOP failure...

Biden - 51%
Palin - 36%

Biden - 46%
Palin - 21%

• Fox
Biden - 61%
Palin - 39%

Biden - 48%
Palin - 45%

Biden - 73%
Palin - 23%

Biden - 78.6%
Palin - 18.9%

*The best Joe Biden moment was, by far, this response to Palin wanting even more VP power than Dick Cheney:

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